Web Resources

We add and subtract resources regularly, based on the advice of educators like you. We believe that the specific websites listed here are valuable and safe to visit. We do not have information on the usefulness or safety of links in these websites. Help us make this resource list better! This is a national / international list. Send us your suggestions and corrections today.

Government Sites:
Vermont Government, general
Vermont Department of Education
United States Department of Education
New Hampshire Department of Education
New York Department of Education
Massachusetts Department of Education
Vermont Common Core Resources Site

Media Sites:
and associations providing varied education resources and archives:

Education Week
Chronicle of Higher Education
New York Times
Learning Forward
Rethinking Schools

Subject Matter Sites:
organized in 10 groups, using the terminology of Vermont ‘s Vital Results, Fields of Knowledge, and Grade Expectations:

Language / Literature (Literacy)
International Reading Association

History / Social Studies
Flow of History
National Council for History Education
(supported by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)

The Arts
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Smithsonian Institution, American Art Museum

National Science Teachers Association
American Association for the Advancement of Science

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

International Technology Education Association

Civics / Social Responsibility

Communication / Information Technology
Information Technology Association of America

International Sites:
Department for Education and Skills ( United Kingdom )

Japan: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology