Jennifer Stanchfield

Jennifer Stanchfield, MS: Jen’s depth of experience, creativity, and knowledge of educational theory and practice is evident in her innovative yet practical workshops and publications in which she incorporates the art of facilitation and teaching with brain-based and pedagogical research. In her 25 years as an educator, Jen has worked as a classroom teacher, a clinician in mental health treatment centers for children, adolescents and adults, as an adventure educator, and in professional training, adult education, and organizational teambuilding.

Jen earned her masters degree in Experiential Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato and continues to pursue the latest research on the brain and learning, pedagogy and the emerging field of educational neuroscience. Through these experiences, she has developed an extensive repertoire of evidence-informed experiential activities, tools and strategies she brings to her engaging and informative workshops, publications, and teaching resources. She works with schools, colleges, training and community organizations over the world — helping educators increase engagement, promote social-emotional skills and facilitate meaningful reflection and group dialogue to increase learning outcomes.

Jen is founder and director of Experiential Tools, an organization focused on helping educators fill their toolbox with quality, unique, and user-friendly methods to enhance learning, build community, and promote meaningful reflection and application of learning experiences. She is author of Tips and Tools: The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation, the new book Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner: Experiential, Brain-Based Activities and Strategies to Engage, Motivate, Build Community and Create Lasting Lessons, and co-author of A Teachable Moment: A Facilitator’s Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing and Reflection She is also creator and regular contributor to the Inspired Educator Blog at