Teaching All Kids: Strategies to Promote Academic Access and Achievement for All Learners

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Teaching All Kids presents “Best practices, plus,” a research-based lesson delivery system, SIOP, to assist educators in providing equitable access to academic content for all students.

This course will demonstrate the differences in language development for Multilingual Learners, and highlight effective strategies for supporting them as well as all students acquiring Academic Language, needed for school success. Educators will use curriculum and resources from their own contexts, as a base for SIOP lesson planning. This methodology serves educators and schools in their endeavors to provide equitable opportunities for students of diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

Simulations, hands-on learning, panel presentations, film and readings will all be employed to define, and understand the needs of our students, and expand upon the collective expertise of participants.

For now, the course is expected to be virtual. However, if circumstances change and it is safe to offer an in person course, we will let you know.

Event Begins:
June 28, 2021

June 28-July 2, 2021

Fees: $900, includes materials; optional three grad credits, additional $380

Location: Virtual

Online with the Learning Collaborative

Instructor(s)Jen CourseDeb Coombs;


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