OGAP (On-going Assessment Project) for Multiplicative Reasoning Now Online

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Target Audience: Grade 3-5 Classroom teachers, interventionists, and special educators.

Now offered online

The Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP) Multiplicative Reasoning training, to be held July 7-10, 2020, 8am-3pm, is content-focused professional development built around implementation of:

  • Formative assessment,
  • Grade 3-5 specific math content, and
  • The use of learning progressions to analyze and respond to student work.

OGAP, based on mathematics education research on how students learn specific mathematics concepts, has the potential to provide teachers with a research-based lens to review and understand student work and thinking, make instructional decisions, and provide meaningful feedback to students (Heritage, 2008).

The initial four days of professional development focus on:

  • Mathematics content for multiplicative reasoning,
  • Mathematics education research on how students develop understanding and fluency,
  • Common errors students demonstrate, and
  • Pre-conceptions that may interfere with students learning new concepts or solving related problems.

This professional development is designed to help teachers acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make instructional decisions based on evidence of student thinking and understanding OGAP learning progressions.

OGAP Multiplicative Reasoning Professional Development is designed for teachers in grade 3-5, interventionists, coaches and special educators.

Maximum number of participants: 20

Teams of 2 or more encouraged

Dates and Times: July 7-10 and two follow up sessions TBD; 8am-3pm
Location: Online
Fees: $895, includes text and materials; optional 3 grad credits, additional $390
Instructor: Karen Reinhardt

Online with the Learning Collaborative