New, Newer, Newest for 2015

There are so many new initiatives in Vermont and on the national education front, that it is hard to keep track of them! At the Collaborative this spring, we are focusing on several items that seem urgent:
Using data effectively is at the core of one of our courses. Check Courses and Workshops for details on this one. Restorative Practices (focusing on restorative justice issues) comes up later in the spring. Games and Activities that Teach addresses the need in all of us for motivation and engagement, in this case in the classroom and school environment. Check out the details and join us!
We are just beginning to list a variety of high quality courses for Summer 2015. We will be adding them weekly!
Our Director, Casey Murrow, has been asked to attend the Proficiency Based Learning sessions supported by the Agency of Education and presented by Great Schools Partnership. More details to come, but this will create dramatic changes in middle and high schools across the state!