Spring 2014 Learning Opportunities

Every season we plan for brings exceptional courses that we already know are valuable, such as Research for Better Teaching's Leadership course this summer, and quality offerings that are known in dozens of states, like Jen Stanchfield's engaging workshops. Then there are the new arrivals, including ISISforEducation and their outstanding data courses that propose new ways to use and talk about data in constructive and effective ways..
Moving through its first full year is the new Professional Learning Network at www.VermontPLN.org with multi-session forums, online courses, webinars and blogs. The Collaborative is one of three partners in VermontPLN and we are proud to be contributing to statewide initiatives such as this. When the Learning Collaborative took on the role of an education service agency in 2003, educators in Vermont were not familiar with that term. What could we do for them? Now with direct services in four counties of Vermont and statewide through the PLN we have a few answers to that question. But have we responded to everyone's hopes and needs? Never. Professional learning opportunities abound and we are seeking new ones every day. Give us a hand and let us know what you want to see to benefit southern Vermont students, teachers and schools!
Thanks -- Casey Murrow, Learning Collaborative Director