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The Vermont Learning Collaborative is committed to high quality professional development for educators throughout our region. We serve supervisory unions in Windham, Windsor, Bennington and Rutland counties and one in Orange County.

    SPRING/SUMMER OFFERINGS IN THE WORKS! See our detailed listings.
    *Technology skills
    *Restorative Practices
    *Jen Stanchfield's wonderful Games and Activities that Teach

    *Loree Silvis: Building Upon the Foundation
    *NGSX, Next Gen Science
    *Jen Stanchfield: Inspired Educator, Inspired Learner
    *Vermont Folklife Center, "Discovering Community"
    *Studying Skillful Teaching
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    Our Board has agreed to a 10% discount for courses for educators within Supervisory Unions that are paid-up members. Right now, those S.U.s are:
    Windham Southeast
    Windham Southwest
    Windham Northeast
    Windham Central
    Windsor Central
    Windsor Southeast
    Discounted prices are shown for each course. The discount applies to courses, not shorter workshops.

Transferable Skills

Be Among the First to Engage in a Skillshare!

According to, a “skillshare” is “An event where people come together to share their skills with each other without asking for anything in return. Contribution is encouraged, but everyone is welcome even if they don't have a skill to share.”We have two of these sessions available for you -- see Courses and Workshops. In our minds, this is a fine example of the Transferable Skills that form such an important part of Vermont's new Education Quality Standards, except that those standards are typically focused on Elem-High School. Why not apply them to educators, too? Check out more complete details!

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